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OLofWL2 Fountain of Guilt.jpgSometime last winter, my strategically placed Feng Shui water fountain went on the fritz.
Instead of the sound and motion of gurgling water activating positive chi energy, bringing in prosperity and good luck, the fountain furiously spurted and spit water on my desktop.
Every once in awhile, I plugged it in and played with the wire, pulling it to the left and then the right, hoping for less sputtering. But, no. Spatter it did, and so, there it sat, stagnating in the corner of my office, until this morning, when my husband wandered in and casually inquired. “Why isn’t your fountain plugged in?”
He then lifted the top, took the tiny engine in his hand and simply moved the setting from high to low. Fixed! A miracle! Water flowing, soothing sounds, happy and energized chi filled the room.
And now I wonder. How many other ‘things’ in my life could be adjusted by simply moving a switch from high to low, or low to high, or on or off. How many simple adjustments could be made that would add flow and balance to my life?
Sometimes all we need to do to move from stuck to unstuck is change our setting.
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