Fat Suit.jpgOur thoughts and words create our realities. They determine what we focus on, how we direct our attention, and how we use our mental and emotional energies.
Tushkateer B.N. (a Tushkateer is a member of the Kick in the Tush Club) sent an email that I share with you, here, today. It sheds ‘lite’ on the words she uses and how they inform and create her reality.

How do your words color your reality?
Dear Janice ~ I know that I am an emotional eater and that every emotion will cause me to eat. When I am stressed, I eat; when I am bored, I eat; when I am lonely, I eat; when I talk to my ex, I eat; when I am happy, I eat – etc. etc. This has always been the case, but lately, I just can’t stop eating. I feel like one of those addicts that clearly needs an intervention, and I hoping that you will intervene and help me to stop this pattern! ~ B.N.
Dear B.N. ~ I am so pleased that you reached out for help. And I am hopeful that I can help you! This is indeed a pattern that you can STOP!!! Your first step is to step back and observe. Observe the language that you are using!!!
STOP Using Identity Statements.
When we say “I am,” we are making an identity statement. Identity statements go deep and stick. You wrote “I am stressed, bored, lonely, happy.” Is that who you really are?
STOP Using Absolutes.
You wrote, “every emotion will cause me to eat.” Really? EVERY emotion? Will cause you?
You wrote, “This has always been the case.” Always? Each and every time??? Never an exception?
STOP Saying that You Can’t.
You wrote, “I just can’t stop eating.” Instead of saying, I can’t, how about saying, “In this moment, I don’t know how to stop.” Once you shed the ‘lite’ on the truth; that it’s not that you can’t but rather than you don’t know how, you can then begin to investigate how to stop.
I do hope that this ‘intervention’ was useful to you and to all who are reading it! Well done, B.N.! Keep us in your loop and let us know how you turned it around and got your ‘upward spiral’ in motion! ~ Janice
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