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Our Lady of Weight Loss' Fat SuitPermanent Weight Loss isn’t just about what we eat or how much we exercise! There are external factors at play that can and do influence the way you eat and how you burn your calories!
1. QUIET on the set! Adults eat and drink more when there is background noise! The louder and faster the noise, sometimes called music, the more you will eat! And the slower, more romantic music, the longer you’ll stay at the table and eat. Either way, quiet on the set!!!
2. LIGHTS, camera, action! Bright, fluorescent lights will also affect the speed at which you ingest your tasty tidbits. So, soft lights please, or candle light.
3. MASTICATE your food! Here’s a “faToid” that you are gonna’ love! When you chew your food (masticate: to chew), your saliva releases an enzyme call Amylase that turns carbs to fuel, rather than storing them as fat. And chewing your food well lessens the amount of air that you take in, which lessens the amount of bloat!
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