I’m up, barely, feeling as if I’ve been hit over the head by a sledge hammer. I’m not sure if it was the ‘sweet potato casserole’ that they swore had nothing in it other than sweet potatoes. Hello? How about the heavy cream and the sugary substances, etc? Or maybe it was the very potent two shots of tequila that I thought necessary in the moment?
“Whatever with a capital W! “All is forgiven, move on!!!,” says Our Lady of Weight Loss and I am right there with her! I am so ready to move on, you have no idea!

To that end, I gazed into my weight loss Tarot/Astrology crystal ball and here’s what I can tell you …
… The SUN is square Saturn! What does this mean? As far as this novice can tell, it means that this is the last astrological “decision point” of the year.
It is time, YES – right now – heck you’ve got time to read this, so you must have a moment to do some internal gazing … to take a deep look into the world of your spirit, first; then your spirit … and then answer these questions!
Use the wisdom of the past to free yourself.
How applicable is that to permanent fat removal?
What have you learned?
What wisdom can you chew on from 2009 that can help you to look at your outdated habits, belief systems?
How can you utilize 2009 and to empower your future?

These are important questions for you to put into your Our Lady of Weight Loss notebooks! (Goodness, please tell me that you are answering questions and thinking even if you are not!)
Bottom line devotees of Our Lady of Weight Loss? The Sun and Saturn are perfectly aligned and working together TODAY to help you to break un-fulfilling karmic patterns, explore the possibility, live up to your potential, AND to live with intention.
Essentially, we are now, today, going to clear out the old to make room for the new.
The full moon/blue moon is coming. December 31!
Start now to think this through and take advantage of this astrological phenomenon! This is a mighty combination – full moon/blue moon! It is a time of letting go and clearing space for the new!
Please write out your list now (what you want to let go of), and I will provide a new moon ritual come December 31. A new moon/full moon ritual!!!
Now … if you will excuse me, this hammered head beauty (even in my deep sugar/alcohol fog I am wearing a very stylish Leopard snuggie) is going to have her second cup of coffee. And then a third!
Please weigh-in below. Fill me in on your thoughts about your destiny???
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