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Admittedly, astrology is not my strong suit; reinvention, transformation and permanent fat removal are. However, I can tell you with certainly that tonight’s Solar Eclipse New Moon offers a unique, perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity, to ignite your wheels of change and set them in motion.
New Beginnings: The Power of the Eclipse and the 2nd New Moon
The New Moon (the waxing moon) is a time associated with beginnings and growth. If you want to bring new things into your life, to start a new project, to find new ways of nurturing yourself, others and planet Earth, and/or to simply start anew – a rebirth of sorts – then the New Moon offers the perfect time for you to stop and think it through, clear your space, speak your truth, and invite the Universe in.
The fact that tonight’s New Moon is an Eclipse Moon and that it is the 2nd consecutive Cancer New Moon this year, coupled by its position in ‘Cancer,’ #29, makes it that much more powerful.

The Our Lady of Weight Loss Guide to Invoking and Utilizing the Power of the Solar Eclipse New Moon

The Writing Ritual: The Power of Words to Paper
Did you know that 75% of what we write down happens? True enough! It’s a phenomenon that many have wondered about and have tried to analyze.
What we do know is that writing is a powerful way to focus our attention. Writing your intentions and desires on paper sends a strong message to both your conscious and unconscious minds that you are serious and committed to manifesting change.
Imagine now the enhanced power and possibilities, as you put pen to paper on this special day of days, the Solar Eclipse New Moon.
Powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon Questions
Before you open the doors and windows to the Universe and invite change in, Our Lady of Weight Loss and I invite you to answer the following questions that can help you to ‘see’ more clearly your dreams and desires and imagine in what form you most want to manifest them.
If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?
If your dreams and desires came from a place of full potential, rather than your limited perception of your current capabilities, what would your dream look like?
Remembering that dreams are just things that you are considering, thinking about, things that you have not yet fully committed to, what would you like to start thinking about doing now?

The 4 Step Eclipse New Moon Ritual:

Now that you have answered the above question (in written form, please), you can within 24 hours of the New Moon, make a list of all things new that you want to bring into your life. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Nevertheless, here follows a 4-step process for you to follow.
1. Build An Altar
To invoke an even stronger connection to your authentic self, dreams and the Universe, set up an altar that includes:

  • fresh flowers
  • a red candle
  • an orange candle
  • plate to put candles on
  • incense and any other objects/photos that you feel will bring more meaning and power to the table
  • red gemstones of any kind

    2. Orange Paper and Colorful Pens
    Light the candles and incense. Sit down with pen and paper in hand (for extra power and energy, write on maroon, red, wine or orange colored paper with a red, maroon, wine or white colored pen) and write out in detail all that you want to invite into your life.
    3. The Power of Three
    After you complete your list, pick three ‘desires’ that most deeply resonate with you. Place your list under the plate that holds the candle.
    4. Evoking the Power of the New Moon
    With red gemstone in hand, take in a deep cleansing breath and on the out breath, state with conviction:
    “On this New Moon, this Mystery Moon, I ask the universe to bring (3 most compelling items from your list) into my life.” Repeat the wishes out loud three times.
    CAUTION: Do NOT Blow out the Candles.
    Let the candles burn for as long as you are focused on your wishes. Do not blow them out. Either wet your fingers and pinch the flame out, or use a snuffer.
    Keep your ‘ritual kit’ in a safe place. Save your list and when you write next month’s New Moon list, be sure to compare. You may find that your priorities have shifted or that some of your list has manifested.
    Transform Thyself!
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    Spread the word … NOT the icing,

    PS: Lynn Hayes, Beliefnet blogger extraordinaire and host of “Astrological Musings” gets into the nitty gritty of astrology. Check her out!
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