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Fat Suit.jpgOur Lady of Weight Loss, the patron saint of permanent fat removal, puts a humorous fat-melting spin on the cookie cutter, diced and spliced TV reality show, More to Love.
More to Love a.k.a. the Fatchelor, as it is now being dubbed by many, was pretty much a cookie cutter spliced, diced and edited reality show. Lukewarm Luke greets the Rubenesque gals, as mildly bitchy remarks are staged, a pool stunt pulled off, a few kisses planted (which make me kind of queasy due to my unwillingness to date a guy and watch him kiss a gaggle of girls and then lay one on me … yuk on so many levels), and finally, the ubiquitous tears, followed by the ring ceremony.
I was slightly offended when L.L. vows, “to open my heart and accept you the weight (oops … way) that you are.” Am I crazy, but doesn’t that imply that there is something ‘wrong’ with you, but he’s so ‘big’ that he’s willing to overlook it? If someone said to me, “I’m willing to accept you the way that you are,” I’d don’t think I’d say “thank you, you’re so great.” Anyway, that’s just me.
I also thought it would have been way more exciting and fair, if at the point in the show just before L.L. announces who he is ultimately rejecting, Emme, the plus size model host, enters the picture. Only this time maybe she could ‘act’ alive and animated. Currently, she displays zero emotion, zero personality.
Emme comes out, all alive and wearing something colorful, and in Vanna White style she announces, “Five people must leave tonight. Before L.L. sends you packing, we are offering you an opportunity to leave – voluntarily – with dignity. If you feel that ultimately L.L. is not the guy for you, or the risk of staying and being rejected is too overwhelming, please step forward, and spin the Wheel of Rejection.”
One or two candidates step forward and give that wheel a good spin. Will the wheel stop at $100,000 … or on ‘sports car?’
Cleary, I haven’t worked out all the details of my version of More to Love. What if everyone stepped forward?
Still the question remains, would you rather marry L.L. and grill meat side by side forever and a day, or drive away with your hair blowing in the wind in the sports car of your choice, feeling good about yourself? How much of a prize would it take for you to leave the show early?
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