I don’t mean to be a buzz-kill ... and I do offer my heartfelt weighty congratulations to Helen Phillips for losing 54.47% of her initial weight (now weighing in at 117 pounds), and for gaining $250,000 and a new attitude.
Still when the 48 year old Helen exclaimed, “140 pounds [lost]! Yes! Yes!” I couldn’t help but to think … “Lose it and you will find it. What about permanent fat removal? How will you keep it off without the cameras, the trainers, the television cameras?”

There you have it friends. The buzz-kill! Sorry … but I am always concerned when people lose large amounts of weight in a short amount of time. Particularly when their incentive is an event or a date or a happening.
My question to Helen, the rest of the losers, and to you! When you ‘lose’ your excess weight, what’s your maintenance plan? What will keep you motivated and moving forward? How will you manage to re-create yourself and your lifestyle to stay connected and in alignment with your new svelte body?
Any advice for Helen Phillips on how to keep it going? Weigh-in below, please!
Contestant/Start Weight/End Weight/Pounds Lost /Percentage Lost:
Helen: 257-117=140 (54.47%)
Mike: 388-181=207 (53.35%)
Tara: 294-139=155 (52.72%)
Jerry: 369-192=177 (47.97%)
Kristin: 360-193=167 (46.39%)
Nicole: 269-146=123 (45.72%)
Ron: 430-238=192 (44.65%)
Sione: 372-226=146 (39.25%)
Dane: 412-258=154 (37.38%)
Filipe: 364-229=135 (37.09%)
Damien: 381-245=136 (35.70%)
Daniel: 454-293=161 (35.46%)
Mandi: 263-171=92 (34.98%)
Estella: 242-159=83 (34.30%)
Carla: 379-251=128 (33.77%)
Shanon: 283-191=92 (32.51%)
Cathy: 293-198=95 (32.42%)
Blaine: 365-249=116 (31.78%)
Laura: 285-199=86 (30.18%)
Joelle: 309-229=80 (25.89%)
Aubrey: 249-194=55 (22.09%)
David: 393-350=43 (10.94%
Weight loss (a.k.a. permanent fat removal) tips!
6 simple FAT LOSS tips.
FAILURE is NOT an option.
How MEAN are you?
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