Oh Goody! Just what we needed; another War! There’s the War on Terror, War on Poverty, War on Drugs … and now the War on Obesity!
Governor Paterson announced in a recent press release that he is declaring “War on Obesity.”
Governor Paterson, in case you haven’t noticed, “WAR” does NOT work! Anything that has the word “WAR” stenciled across its forehead is a sure sign of the PAST MASQUERADING AS THE FUTURE!

The Past Masquerading As the Future?
Yes! Exactly. An interesting concept; worthy of exploration.
Governor Paterson is planning to ‘combat’ obesity by declaring war on it. This is a failed strategy, which has been attempted again and again. Although we can, of course, learn from past events, we can also get trapped into relying on outmoded, failed strategies. How many times do you have to ‘hit’ the escape button on your computer before you realize that the darn thing just doesn’t work?
The future, my friends, is filled and overflowing with new possibilities. The future hasn’t happened yet. The future can be a place where paradigm shifts occur!
Governor Paterson, the past is already filled with one war after another on obesity. Enough already with war!
We must learn a new language.
When asked if she would join an anti-war march, Mother Theresa declined. She said that instead she would join in a peace rally. She understood that if we use the word ‘war’ we are, through our words, creating war. Get the difference?
Sit back for just for a moment and let the words “war” and “peace” resonate. What feelings float to the surface when you hear the word war? What feelings when you hear the word peace?
Let us not war on our fat, because inevitably we are warring against ourselves. We can love our excess pounds away! We need to be kind to ourselves and our bodies. Yes, obesity is problematic, but losing weight must be framed from a perspective of compassionate caring about our health and our bodies.
Let us be peaceful warriors as we undertake the task of creating health in our society.
Most importantly, we create the world we live in by our thoughts and beliefs, as the words we use are powerful living entities.

Genesis 1:3 (Hebrew) “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

All things considered, we have the power to create a new, compelling and healthy future … starting with our thoughts and words.
Governor Paterson, your first step in promoting health is to change the conversation. Let us operate out of positivity and hope. By clinging to antiquated concepts and words, YOU ARE the past masquerading as the future.
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