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Affirmation Container Top.jpgAn affirmation is a form of auto-suggestion a.k.a. self-hypnosis, in which a statement is made about the future in the present tense, as if it had already happened in the past.
Yes, that’s right. Repeat, please … An affirmation is a statement about the future, made in the present, as if it had already happened in the past!
It is a statement or a desirable intention that you can deliberately meditate on, or repeat in order to embed in both your conscious and unconscious minds. It is a statement that transcends time and space.
Repetition opens the door to your unconscious mind. And your unconscious mind is much like a computer. Today, you are beginning to input the right program into your mind. Your programming is called the “I CAN.” Program and it is designed by YOU!
When we speak in ‘affirmations…’
“I am in control of my life, and I am committed to my goals.”
… our unconscious hears the affirmation as a fact that is yet to be and it immediately seeks ways in which to manifest this new fact. Yes, your unconscious is taking your affirmation in as fact.
You can ‘give yourself’ a positive affirmation to repeat as you settle into a calm and quiet place; or you can recite your affirmations throughout the day, while awake and alert. Perhaps while brushing your teeth, or walking, or you can even sing your affirmation in the shower. It works best to recite each affirmation five times.
Such a simple thing to do, isn’t it? With such wonderful results, as well!
And now, as YOU begin to create affirmations that work best for YOU, as you do know best, you can be very curious as to how your unconscious is going to find the right path to guide you to your goals. So often the goals are much closer than we imagine.
The most powerful way to use an affirmation is to say “I am” before that which you want to be, do or have. The words “I am” is your primary link to your identity. “I am” makes a very strong impression on your unconscious mind a.k.a. your inner computer. Be careful NOT to link any negative thoughts with the words I am, I, me or mine.
Here follow a number of affirmations to get you started. If they resonate, ring true, sound good, feel right, give you chills or aHa moments, use them. If not, you can write your own affirmations with ease.
TRY ON these affirmations!
I am smiling.
I am happy and content – and so relaxed.
I love myself as I am.
I choose to be healthy.
My thoughts influence my body.
I choose to think positively about my body.
I now believe and I know that I control my weight.
My new reality includes my ideal weight and shape.
I am my happy weight.
I am happy to be alive!!!!!
(Excerpt from the FILL UP ON HAPPINESS e-Program!)
Affirmation Container inside.jpg
Materials Needed:
one empty tin (Altoid containers are great!)
gesso (gives metal ‘tooth’ so paint and paper will stick to it, rather than peel off)
sponge brush, 1″
pretty paper, images
glue stick
faux fur tape, fringe, any decorative touches that delight your soul!
card stock (to write affirmations on)
pour a little gesso into any container * use sponge brush to ‘paint’ gesso onto container, all sides, everywhere * cut up pretty paper into all shapes and sizes, and with glue stick place onto container. * if you like, decorate with faux fur tape (just peel and stick) and/or fringe or ‘diamonds’ … truly anything that is fun for you!!!
Spread the AFFIRMATION … NOT the icing,

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