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I realized, while schmoozing at an event, that I was having such a good time talking to everyone, one by one, sometimes two at a time, that food became secondary. Before I knew it, the evening was over, and I’d only ingested a small bowl of chile and some fruit.
This blogger didn’t have any dietary transgressions to confess to Our Lady of Weight Loss. Miracles do happen!!!
I invite you to work the room, chit the chatter, and leave the chips and dips behind (lest they adhere themselves to your behind). The ability to be a great conversationalist can be cultivated. Here follows a few conversational tips that you might want to chew over.
Ten Talking Tips for Great Conversationalists from Our Lady of the Delightful Dialogue

1. A conversation is not a monologue. However painful for those like to talk, do limit yourself to 4 sentences or 40 seconds, whichever comes FIRST.
2. Silence is golden. Just as a pause is important in music – so is a bit of silence in a conversation. Resist the temptation to fill in the void. Give others an opportunity to jump right in.
3. Be genuinely interested in the other person. Be attentive. Draw them out. Ask them juicy, meaty questions that lead to a full platter of answers vs. dead end questions. “What do you like about living in Sveltesville?” versus “Do you like it here?”
4. Do not give advice. (Hello, did anyone ask you for your opinion?) Avoid starting a sentence with “You should,” or “You must.” Think about it. How do you respond to those types of sentences?
5. Look for visual signs. If you see any eye-rolling, clock watching, foot tapping, yawns, or stretches – you have more than likely overstepped your bounds and your time limit.
6. You don’t have to be right. You don’t have to be smarter. You don’t have to offer a brilliant suggestion, or fix someone’s problem. You don’t have to express your opinion. (No, really – you don’t.)
7. Don’t tell jokes unless you are truly skilled at it. Nothing worse than a long-winded, winding, joke told by someone who just likes to hear themselves talk. And don’t ‘try’ to be funny. You either are, naturally, or not.
8. Always be in good humor. No matter what! (and I don’t mean buried in ice cream from the Good Humor truck).
9. Don’t preach or take yourself too seriously. Do not dwell on moral issues. It’s a total buzz kill.
10. Be positive. Negative talk will make you a negative person. Smile and the whole world smiles with you.
What are your good conversation tips?
Spread the word (NOT the icing!),
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