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No one is perfect… that’s why pencils have erasers. ~ Author Unknown
“What’s wrong with perfectionism?” you ask. “PLENTY,” I answer! … which, by the way, makes perfectionism totally imperfect.
Perfection is often linked with achievement, painstaking awareness to detail. Yet, it often produces procrastination (no point in doing something if I can’t do it perfectly), low self-esteem (if I am not perfect, no one will love me), low-productivity and in some cases obsession compulsive disorders, depression, sexual dysfunction, divorce and eating disorders.
Do or do not … there is no try. ~ Yoda, Star Wars
Life is full of obstacles, is it not? Therefore, life – in it of itself – is imperfect. Trying to be perfect goes against the grain of the natural flow of things, and it results in anxiety and fear of failure.
If perfectionism is interfering with your life, in any way (weigh), shape (pear shaped or apple) or form, I invite you to consider letting go of this potentially dangerous characteristic.

Seven Simple and Imperfect Ways to Crumple Up and Make Messy Your Perfectionism

1. Fake It Till You Make It. It helps to have a willingness, a strong desire to change and a bit of patience as you move through the process. If you are not there yet, that’s okay! You can pretend. Fake it! You will make it!
2. Embrace Fear. Everyone (with the exception of myself) says that you have to be FEARLESS. Guess what? Life is scary, fear happens. The trick is to knock it out of your way. When fear rears its ‘interesting’ head (not ugly – don’t want to insult it and make it any bigger), say “Helllooooo fear! Nice to see you. Here’s your hat; what’s your hurry.” In other words, acknowledge it and let it know that you appreciate him/her (in all likelihood ‘fear’ has good intentions), and then (seriously) open a window and door and send him/her out! Do it! Open that door, invite it OUT– empowering feelings will surface, I promise!
3. Practice Imperfection. What things can you do that ‘imperfection’ adds to; that imperfection makes better? How about going to one of those paint your own mug/bowl places. You pick out the ceramic piece, sit at a kid’s table, paint a picture or words, colors, whatever and then they ‘bake’ it for you. Thing is, the paint drips, colors blend. The baking process completely changes the look. You can display it proudly in your home. A symbol of your perfect imperfectness.
4. Try On Excellence. “Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing”. ~ Harriet Beryl. We are here to strive for excellence, to grow, to change, to develop, to go forward, to evolve, not just improve.
5. Envision. Imagine your goals and dreams in great detail. See yourself happy and living just how and where you want to be, in all its glorious imperfection. Write it out. Make it real. And then commit to doing one imperfect thing today that will align you with your tomorrow.
6. Let It Go. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Softly and sweetly, just let the idea of perfection float out into the clouds. (Video coming soon with instructions on how to let it go. Woo hoo.) Perfectionism takes up a lot psychic space. Clear your mind, unchain yourself from perfectionism, and realize that you have just created an amazing opening for freedom and creativity.
7. Nourish imperfectionism. Let us nourish the beginning of this new time in our lives. We have showed sweet perfectionism the door and know that seeds of imperfectionism have been planted. Bless these seeds, allow them to sprout and grow, in their own imperfect way.
Please leave a comment and share your seeds of imperfection. How will you add a tablespoon of delicious and satisfying imperfection to your life today?
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