On the Wings of Angels

Wishing you a weekend of peace, joy, collaboration with all in you life. Listen to what you are feeling.  See beyond the surface of how things seem at a particular moment.  Finding purpose, and direction, in all that you do, makes sense a bit more each day.

Enjoy your weekend in all that you do.


Is there something on your mind?

Or is there an issue you need to stay away from,

Because others may be blind

Listening to what you may be feeling

Let the sadness be a way for you to feel the healing

The light of your soul, and joy that is there

Is letting you know that we your angels do truly care.



Today the angels ask you count how many numbers show up at different times during the day. Numbers have messages too. Many of the messages in the numbers are full of Spiritual Messages. 

Look for number sequences that seem to always show up, and the message too. Ask your angels, and listen to what they are sharing with you. You can google Angel Numbers and find a place to check out your numbers.   Enjoy and have fun, with seeing the messages, from your angels, their messages just for you. 

                             Look up your favorite numbers meanings too.  Just another way of communication between us and our Universal helpers.





What is the most favorite place you want to visit today. Do you want to go with family or friends, or maybe alone?  Think of how you want to spend time in that favorite place.  Take some pictures, write about your day in your journal.  Or maybe you would like to speak into a recorder, to describe your time.. Its up to you, and taking that time, can help so much for you in your life..

What would you look for when you are going on your journey to your favorite place?

ENJOY every Moment

Love your Angels