One City

by Evelyn Cash For the past two months, I’ve started my day in much thesame way nearly every day.  I wake up,wash up, then step into the spare bedroom in our apartment.  The room is primarily an office, full ofbooks, […]

by Evelyn Cash I returned home from retreat last week, feeling very cheerful and very Zen only to be literally smacked in the face by the first winter storm of the year.  The solstice may not yet be upon us […]

In one week, I’ll be heading to the Atlanta Soto Zen Centerto sit my first 7 day retreat in honor of Rohatsu, the Japanese Buddhistholiday commemorating the Buddha’s enlightenment.  My plan is to pack light, no checked luggage,just a backpack […]

By Evelyn Cash Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking a step back and revisiting some of the very basic teachings of the Buddha.  I think it can be helpful from time to time to go back and reconsider […]

by Evelyn Cash For those of us who can’t get enough articles detailing the science behind mindfulness and how it affects the brain, here is a recent article from Psychology Today: The Neuroscience of Mindfulness.  I know I personally love […]

by Evelyn Cash I was voted “most competitive” in my high school senior yearbook. I would get a 95% on a physics test and be happy with it until I saw that a friend of mine got a 97%. I […]

by Evelyn Cash I really don’t watch much TV anymore.  When I want to catch up on the shows I’m interested in, I turn to Hulu.  A few weeks ago, began noticing ads on Hulu for a website called “Kiva” […]

The truth is, I’m an accidental Soto Zen Buddhist.  When I initially learned to meditate, I had little interest in sticking to any particular tradition.  I liked to call myself a “non-denominational” Buddhist and didn’t really see a need to […]

by Evelyn CashI came across this story yesterday from the Buddhist Channel reporting that as the religion dies in Japan, Buddhist priests are resorting to desperate measures to try and regain followers.  The priests are trying everything from anime DVDs […]

by Evelyn Cash A few weeks ago, Jerry Kolber wrote an article on this blog about the Branding of Buddhism.  His piece presented an intriguing argument for branding and popularizing Buddhism in order to make the Buddha’s valuable teachings available […]