by Davee Evans

When I saw this clock created by artist Bertrand Planes, I thought every Buddhist household needs one. I’d put mine right by the door, so I couldn’t miss it as I left for work each morning. It’s so easy to forget that our time is limited. Each day blends into the next, and in spite of milestones passing I for one live a life where it feels like this will go on forever. And yet my clock would already be disturbingly near the 6 o’clock position.

Mssr. Planes took a regular clock and changed the gearing to slow it down 61,320 fold – so one full rotation of the clock would approximate our expected lifespan, and he then changed the numbers on the clock to be years. I’d like to mass produce these. Too much of a downer to sell? Perhaps they would need to be DIY, because your livelihood really would impact how many years to put on the clock. Do you have risky hobbies? If you’re one of the many people today trying to quit smoking, as part of the Great American Smokeout, you could highlight the final years gained from quitting.

Cudos for any clever way to remember that time is short. Do you have any things around the house that remind you of this painful reality?

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