Hey Baseball Fans: Some people are saying President Obama throws like a girl after his all-star game pitch last night. I couldn’t tell; the camera work was horrible. Was Obama booed? Everything I saw reported thunderous applause. And btw, when did throwing like a girl become a bad thing? Ever watch Olympic softball? Those ladies are amazing. I wish I threw like them.

Of course, George W. Bush, who used to own (in part) his very own team, the Texas Rangers, threw a perfect strike to open a 2001 World Series game. And then proceeded to throw 7 years of wild pitches with planet Earth. That part didn’t make Sportscenter somehow.

The youtube of each is below. President Bush had an arm. President Obama has a mind. And now, back to things that matter.
At least Barack is good at basketball.

See how different the mood towards President Bush was in 2001?

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