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While studying Buddhism and practicing meditation feel rather natural to me, integrating a yoga practice continues to be a struggle. Living in New York, there are a dizzying number of options when it comes to selecting a yoga class and, over the years, I’ve tried quite a few.



I attended a yoga class today for the first time in quite a while and found that though it was difficult, I quite enjoyed it. Like meditation, or any other pursuit, I think it comes down to finding the right fit- type of yoga, teacher, etc. What I’m curious about is how people feel yoga enhances their meditation practice or vice versa. When I tell people that I practice meditation and study Buddhism, they often assume I also do yoga and I have the nagging feeling that I should be. Are meditation and yoga necessary companions? Also, I’d love to hear about how folks went about selecting a specific type of yoga and any suggestions they might have for those of us that are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the choices.

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