This week on the ID Project podcast is Part 2  Father Thomas Ryan‘s Guest Lecture at the ID Project. Part 1 contrained an outline and history of a form of Christian Contemplative Meditation known as Lectio Divina
(“Active Listening”).  In this episode he actually leads a guided meditation (so you can follow along at home).   “Continue Reading” below for a text breakdown of
the Lectio Divina process.

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Many thanks to OM Yoga Center and the Trust for the Meditation Process for their financial support in helping to make this “Sit Down, Rise Up” Guest Lecture Possible.

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Stages of Lectio Divina

Statio – Coming to Rest, Sitting.
Lectio – Reading or Listening to passage of scripture until something jumps out at you and “Touches the heart”.
Meditatio – Reflect on what you might be being invited to hear. Ask yourself : “How does this apply to my life now?”
Oratio – Feeling at the level of affectivity.   Allow the words to touch your deepest self and talk back to your heart.
Contemplatio –  Natural emergence of space, contentment, simply coming to be.  (Similar to Shamata practice)
Collatio –  Sharing of meditation experience with a spiritual community (Sangha)
Actio – Back in the world into action  (The “Rise Up” half of “Sit Down, Rise Up”)

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