I take delight in the endless multiplicity of form. I especially delight in my iPhone. And when I bought my new 3GS at 9am Friday morning, after the briefest of waits at a local store, I was delighted. I did pause to consider attachment, concluded I thought it was cool but I wasn’t deeply attached to it. Then I considered how it kinda looked like the monolith in Kubrick’s well known 2001: A Space Odyssey film.

But I didn’t feel like worshiping it. I did want others to have one!
Mudita: sympathetic joy. However, when I passed by the Apple store on 14th and 9th, at 3pm, on my way to the new High Line renovated public park, I waved my 3G in the air, hollered, “I got mine already! It’s great!” in pure glee, and proceeded onward.
Such is practice. Sharing the glee, yes, but I bet the Sanskrit for “gloating” is as unlovely a word as the activity itself.
I leave you with an iPhone photo of the High Line, an old elevated freight line turned to glorious public space. Share the glee.

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