True/False/Cannot Say

Folks really love Obama: True

Folks really love PETA:  False

Obama kills fly: True

PETA complains: True


We, yet again, feel ambivalent about PETA and their PR methods: True

We think however, that of course PETA was asked about their stance by the 24 hour news hungry media and of course their responsibility was to say that they don’t agree with killing flies because they are an anti-animal-of-all-kinds killing organization so they’re really just staying on message: True

We think Obama shouldn’t have killed the fly: Cannot Say.  Firstly because a. we had a hamburger for lunch and b. we try not to judge but c. we think we probably shouldn’t have had a hamburger for lunch and d. if Obama went to the Buddha and said, “should I kill flies?” the Buddha would maybe have said “I’d rather you not.”

We are dreading the comparisons of Obama to Mister Miyagi:  True.

We did not make them in our own brain: False.

We think the next remake of the Karate Kid movie starring Will Smith’s son will be good: Cannot Say.

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