The individual nature of our experience is caused by our pre-existing views and prejudices.  We distort whatever information we receive by means of our sense organs, just as the suface of the lake is distorted by the elements.  If we try to look into our mind when it is so agitated, we won’t see much.  All we see is the surface chatter.  However, if you were to take this mountain lake and allow the winds to calm down, the surface of the lake would eventually become still, like the surface of a mirror.  It would then reflect its surroundings right down to the depths.  We can see the fish, the water plants and the rocks at the bottom.  We can see all those shining pebbles on the lake floor.  These lakes are so clear, they look as though they are only a few inches deep, but if you throw in a pebble, it goes way down.  Likewise, when our minds are no longer disturbed by the winds of the six senses, the mind calms down and becomes clear.
– Ani Tenzin Palmo, Reflections on a Mountain Lake, Teachings on Practical Buddhism

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