A daily habit of reading God’s Word has been compared to a journey of inhaling the very breath of God. But how can you get in such a great habit?

Having friends who will also commit to reading the Bible through can be immensely helpful. Another tactic is not to read the Scriptures from cover to cover – but to follow one of the many plans available from such groups as the Gideons.

Most offer a passage in the Old Testament as well as a shorter section from the New Testamant. Each day, you read a little from each and 365 days later, you have read every word of God’s message to His people.

Another tip is to read three days in a row at the same time daily. Somehow, the human mind turns things done three times into a habit.

If you are only beginning today, then be encouraged! You have taken an important first step. Now hold fast to your goal. Think ahead of what you will need.

Which translation speaks to your heart?

Choose a quiet place and set aside a specific time daily — 15 to 20 minutes.

Keep a journal and record your thoughts of what you read. Write down your prayer requests to the Lord – and record when He answers them!

And make your first prayer a request that the Lord will help you understand what you are reading. In the Book of Acts, the Ethiopian treasurer was riding a chariot through the desert, attempting to understand the Book of Isaiah. The Bible tells us that he asked the Lord to send him somebody to explain what it all meant.

God sent one of the first deacons, Phillip. As you read the passage, ask yourself how Phillip got there – and how the Lord spirited him away afterwards.

If He can do that, he can surely touch your heart and empower the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you’re reading – and how to apply it to your daily life!

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