This week, my friend Rachel Held Evans is hosting an online “Rally to Restore Unity” at her blog for a simple reason: she believes “we can disagree without calling each other heretics.”

I’m totally on-board with that, so today I join her gravy train of photographed rally signs and synchrobloggers by writing a guest post at her blog. It’s called “Crackheads, Simple Theology, and a Better Passion.”

In the post, I give some background about my brother and his inner-city ministry where we live. Brooks explains how angry it makes him when Christians argue about theology when we ought to get worked up about kids are hungry or being abused. Also, the post has a brief mention of his formerly schizophrenic, one-legged friend, Jesse. So there’s that.

Anyway, I hope you’ll go read it. And then I hope you’ll head over to the Rally’s Charity:Water page and do some good.


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