From a reader:

Jason, I used to subscribe to your blog before Beliefnet. I loved the blend of funny and serious that you had. Frankly (and only because you asked), I got really tired of your posts after your move here – too heavy and depressing for me.

From another reader:

I would applaud a transition into a new area which would be more emotionally and spiritually preservative, and would allow you to add value and humor to people’s lives, and encourage them to exult in Christ instead of just question him all the time.

And another reader:

Jason, I really miss your old blog. The random, never-know-what-you’ll-come-up-with-next blog. You’ve brought to my attention lots of stuff that I would have never heard of or read before.

And one more reader:

Most readers are drawn to your writing because of its humor and honesty. As long as you retain each of these, I’d suggest you write about whatever you want.


Back in January I asked readers to play amateur blog coach for me. We discussed the truth that my content has been much more serious since the move to Beliefnet in the spring of 2010. The comments above, from long-time readers, are representative of much of your advice.

Last week, I asked the same question of a professional blog coach, Bryan Allain of BlogRocket. This is what he said:

I guess my biggest gripe with your blog is that it’s not as fun as I want it to be.

I’m taking this advice. Starting today, I’m re-launching as my personal blog. Hopefully, it will be more fun, less serious, and far less questioning. I’ll still blog about religion and faith and doubt at Beliefnet — once or twice a week, because I value the community that has grown up here — but at my personal site I’ll blog about lighter, more varied, and more personal stuff. I promise to be more fun.

The first post is right here.

Thanks for reading, as always.


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