After six months’ worth of guest posts, my Friday Voices of Doubt series wraps up in the next few weeks. It’s been great hearing from so many different writers and thinkers on the impact doubt has had on their faith. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have.

Once the series concludes, I’d like to replace it with something new on Fridays — but still a forum that gives other people a chance to speak, in a unique way and in a safe place, about their religious faith.

So I had an idea: conversions. I want to hear from others their conversion stories, particularly those involving significant religious change.

I’d like to tell the stories of…
• Protestants who convert to Catholicism
• Catholics who become Protestant
• Evangelicals who join a liturgical church community
• Liturgical Christians who join a charismatic or Pentecostal church
• Pentecostals who move to a more liturgical church
• Catholics or evangelicals who convert to the Orthodox Church
• Evangelicals who become Mormon/LDS
• LDS members who convert to Evangelical Christianity
• Christians who leave mainstream Christianity for alternative religions
• People of Jewish heritage who embrace another religion
• Converts to Islam or away from it
• Agnostics or atheists who convert to Christianity (or another religious system)
• Christians who de-convert to atheism or agnosticism
…and pretty much any other arrangement

I’m interested in stories of any or all kinds of significant religious conversions — whether into or out of a type of religion. About the only kind I’m NOT interested in are the ones that merely cross denominational boundaries. I used to be a Methodist but now I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Southern Baptist! Not that these types of changes aren’t personally significant, but denominational distinctions are becoming less and less pronounced and I’m looking for more a more dramatic change. Greater contrast.

If you have a personal conversion story you’d like to tell that fits into the categories above (or one I haven’t yet listed) — or if you know someone who does and can connect me to them — please let me know. Send me an email at jb [at] jasonboyett [dot] com and I’ll arrange an email interview with you.


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