Wrapping it up today. Read the rest of the recaps for January-April 2010 and May-August 2010

We started the month by participating in the 30 bloggers, 30 days, $30K challenge with Tyler Stanton and Charity:Water. I gave simple answers to difficult questions and then Dana Ellis revealed the questions that haunt her. Stephen Hawking said the universe didn’t need God, Shawn Smucker had a problem with John 3:16 and we listed the books that shaped us. Dr. Robert Cargill outed himself as “the skeptic in the sanctuary.” I posted a 9/11 remembrance involving crayons. A dude in my hometown helped thwart the local Quran burning and we discussed how to love our Islamic neighbor. Question: What do you do when faith seems impossible? Leanna Tankersley braved the swirling waters. I braved a lot of push-back involving this post (and especially for this retraction) when Calvin College uninvited The New Pornagraphers from playing on campus. Chad Gibbs mused about unfairness. Atheists know more about religion than Christians. The devil came to This American Life.

Children’s author Sally-Lloyd Jones told where she put her faith. We explored geocentricity and taking the Bible literally. I asked Is doubt a trend? Matthew Paul Turner let us see his doubt. When the gay bullying stories peaked, I posted a couple from friends who’d experienced it…in church. Cara Davis revealed her textbook case of doubt. Inspired by a billboard, I asked “Are Christians jerks?” and we pondered the silence of God. David Dark guest-posted about sacred questioning. I revealed how I found made time to write. A strangely confident lady in a video revealed how she evangelized atheists. Larry Shallenberger guest posted about Don Quixote and fortune cookies (and doubt).

I had to justify my writing and speaking career to a random guy at the airport, then I asked whether God cares about our elections. (If so, why didn’t Christine O’Donnell win?) Carlene Bauer revealed that she is the prodigal daughter. The atheist ad campaign invited us to “Consider Humanism,” so we did. As is my Veterans Day custom, I posted about my granddad. Dean Nelson encouraged us to test everything. I let loose with some unfiltered thoughts about science and how it reflects upon a Designer, then David Sessions let loose with his story about the hard work of faith. Do we believe out of hope? We discussed a thought-provoking quote from William James. NFL player Steve Johnson tweeted his displeasure with God and we had fun at his (Steve’s) expense.

THIS is December. Do I really need to recap that last few weeks? No. But my post about Anne Hathaway leaving the Catholic Church was a popular one, as was the one about a Second Coming jewelry sale by a guy in Wisconsin. And we were treated to “Voices of Doubt” posts from Trudy Morgan-Cole, Jamie Wright, and Shawn Smucker.

This is a good time to say thanks for reading. I appreciate those of you who have read this blog and my book(s) during the past year and have contributed to some fantastic discussions about faith and doubt. This community means a lot to me and I am grateful for your involvement.

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