There is nothing more narcissistic than a year-in-blogging recap, but last year I found that it was a good way to introduce new readers to older posts. And blogging is narcissistic anyway, so let’s not pretend we’re better than we are. Because we’re I’m not.

In January I shared my resolutions/goals for 2010 and — newsflash — due to a knee injury met hardly any of the athletic ones. Or the other ones, for that matter. Good job, Jason. I challenged readers to “read anti” in the coming year (read something you know you won’t like but will expand your horizons). In “God and Gardens,” I asked if there was anything at all that would make a believer stop believing in God. We had a snowy 5-sentence scary story contest. I mentioned the ailing Internet Monk, Michael Spencer, talked about dreams and personal influences, and interviewed Tyler Merrick of Project 7 in a two-parter.

I kicked off the month by asking you to ask me questions, which I answered even though some of them made me very uncomfortable. I posted about turtles and their relationship to O Me of Little Faith, dinosaurs and their relationship to Jesus and I ranted, post Super Bowl, about how the National Organization of Women hated the wrong ad. That was a popular post. I interviewed author Sarah Cunningham. I tracked down the identity of the kid on the cover of O Me of Little Faith. I recorded the audio book version of OMOLF and shared what that experience was like. People told me I looked like Bob from Biggest Loser, thanks to our giant foreheads.

I listed six Jesus statues that creeped me out. My friends and followers tweeted what they believed. I answered questions about freelance writing and, with a grim iMonk update, recommended that we all “do it well.” I interviewed Ride:Well tour participant Chase Livingston. For March 17, I listed 12 mostly true facts about St. Patrick. I introduced you to my sister, Mama:Monk, and asked Are you more religious now? Or less? I Interviewed Rapture Ready! author Daniel Radosh and discussed my fading faith and faded tattoo. Then I took a rare stance (for me) and posted about being impressed by something John Piper did.

For Easter, I prayed “Do not disappoint me.” Michael Spencer, the beloved iMonk, died on April 5, 2010. My buddy Bryan Allain wrote a guest post about writing, and with the introduction of the magical iPad I mused about finding the time to produce stuff verses spending time consuming stuff. O Me of Little Faith endorsements began to roll in. With a trip to Grand Rapids to speak at the Festival of Faith & Writing, I met Drew (the kid on the cover) and we both ripped off our shirts for a priceless photo op. I hosted another scary story contest about ash. We discussed how the existence of options leads to doubt. I asked “What do other Christians do or say that frustrate you?” and Robert Cargill stopped by to educate us about the latest we’ve-discovered-Noah’s-Ark claims. (His take: No you didn’t.)


That’s enough for now. We’ll return to the year in blogging next week.

What about you? If you have a blog, feel free to list its URL today in the comments and point us to your favorite blog post from 2010.


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