O Me of Little Faith

I’ve been on vacation. Sure, you might not have been able to tell because I wrote a few blog posts in advance and scheduled them to publish while I was gone, but I was away all of last week for a long, relaxing family vacation.

Things I did on my vacation:

1. Drank coffee each morning while watching the sun rise over a lake in northwest Arkansas.

2. Spent most days playing in said lake.

3. Enjoyed watching my son’s first ride on a ski tube.

4. Enjoyed watching his first crash on a ski tube.

5. Taught my daughter to ride a knee board behind a boat as it started to rain.

6. Watched my kids discover the joys of catching fireflies, which used to be prevalent in Amarillo during the summers but haven’t been around for years.

7. Introduced my kids to televised World Cup soccer.

8. Saw a water moccasin (not in the lake).

9. Finished reading this book. Started reading this book.

10. Came up with the seed of an idea for a series of children’s novels.

11. Rode a horse with my kids.

12. Drove a 4-wheeler with my kids.

13. Got poison ivy on my elbow.

14. Taught my kids how to identify poison ivy.


Things I Didn’t Do on My Vacation:

1. Turn on a computer.

2. Browse the Internet.

3. Blog, tweet, Facebook, or comment anywhere.

4. Write anything snarky when lightning struck Touchdown Jesus in Ohio, which would totally have been something I blogged about but, of course, I was offline.

5. Regret all the time I wasn’t spending online.


I’m back, but last week was a good break. Time is not a renewable resource. I’m learning not to waste it. 

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