Yesterday, via my Twitter and Facebook accounts, I asked my friends and followers to complete a phrase any way they liked.

The phrase was “I believe…”

No real reason to do it, other than thinking it would be interesting to see what kinds of responses I’d get. They ran the gamut from the spiritual (belief in God) to the less serious (belief in the power of a cowbell in healing certain fevers) to an unsurprising number of verbatim quotes from songs by Whitney Houston and/or R. Kelly.

Either that, or some people really believe: 1) they can fly and touch the sky, or 2) that children are our future, and we should probably teach them well and let them lead the way.

Anyway, here are the responses, pretty much in the order I received them:

I believe that our Creator is not the God of just one planet–we are not alone in the universe.

I believe you have a lot of time on your hands!

I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.

I believe the best is yet to come

I believe in taking the scenic route.

I believe your Twitter profile photo looks like Bob Harper from Biggest Loser & I keep waiting for u to tell me to run faster.

I believe people are the oddest confluence of imago dei and selfish messes

Vikki Stearns Huisman
I believe that nice guys finish last.

RicknKelley ‘Waltz’ Gebauer
I believe that biracial kids are absolutely gorgeous!

Sella Maples Garlich
I believe the children are our future. (Sorry, can’t help but think of Whitney when I hear those words. I think I’ve been brainwashed by the top 40 radio of my youth.)

I believe you can do anything you set your mind to, but only God can do the impossible, unthinkable and unchangeable.

I believe that nothing about God is as easy to believe as I used to think it was

I believe in a thing called love!! Whoowhoo whoo oo oo ooo! Guitar!

I believe that there is as much or more good in the world as bad. The good is just not as entertaining to talk about.

I believe I’d get more done if I shut down Tweetdeck more often.

Delonda Baker Dunn
I believe that Jason Boyett is the most talented, creative and unique individual I’ve ever met!

(Thanks Delonda. Your check is in the mail.)

Ryan Paige
I believe in the Church of Baseball.

Tracy Karroll
I believe God didn’t invent the corporate ladder.

Tanya Summar Bates
I believe that God uses us whether we want Him to or not.

Matt Hafer
I believe every man over 14 who wears a jersey in a non-sports competition fashion is a tool.

Cale D. Hawley
I believe in the fever for the flavor of pringles.

I believe I can fly

I believe good music is good as any drug. Also, so is Mountain Dew.

Matthew Todd Morgan
I believe I could sleep better at night if Morgan Freeman read to me as I was drifting off.

Rob Swick
I believe that I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more cowbell!

Scott Grow
I believe that spring can’t come soon enough!

Robert Fortner
I believe what I believe, is what makes me what I am.

Scott Jesko
I believe in the magic of Santa Claus.

Kristy Compton Kersh
I believe that Jesus is who he says he is.

Emily Diana Sijabat
I believe in love!

Tommy McGregor
I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky!

I believe I’ll have a cookie, thanks

Kyle Davis
I believe because I must. My very human nature demands that I place value in things. It is the only impetus for deliberate action by a human being. I cannot choose to act, or not to act, unless value exists, which by nature implies that a metaphysic must exist. Since I can’t prove a metaphysic exists, I must believe.

I believe the problem isn’t dependence – it’s who (or what) I’m depending on.

smalltownpastor I believe that God is faithful always!

I believe NPR did a similar called ‘This I Believe'”

I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.

I believe the gospel.

Cheryl Tooley Lashbrook
I believe because unless i want to go backwards in my life i must believe in order to keep moving forward.

Scott Green
I believe that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

Brooks Boyett
I believe in Kingdom Come, then all the colors will bleed into one. And also that Sasquatch do indeed exist.

Ricky Garzon
I believe that monsters are coming to get me when I close my eyes.

MattTCoNP I believe “the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way” is the start of a rather dumb song.

I believe… there are no gods 🙂

I believe I will have another.

Tess Mallory
I believe that all things work together for good through God and His mercies.

Dawn Xiana Moon
I believe that art and culture matter.


What do you believe? If you didn’t respond yesterday, feel free to state your own belief in the comments. Whatever you want, even if it’s related to Sasquatch, aliens, or Whitney Houston.

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