Today I went to the funeral of my great uncle James Johnson, my paternal grandmother’s older brother. He was one month shy of turning 90. He was recently honored by his church for having been a Baptist deacon for 50 years. He’s had cancer for the last several years. He was a good man.

I returned from the funeral to discover that the cancer prognosis of my friend Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, is grim. Not good at all. Maybe six months. Maybe he’s got a year. And this is the year his first book is being released. Finally. This was supposed to be his big year. And now…


Michael’s wife Denise wrote this yesterday:

Though he will still say with unashamed honesty, “I don’t want it to all be over at age 53!” he has the confidence of knowing that he has run the race God set out for him. He believes he has done the work our Lord intended for him to do, and if the last task God has for him in this life is dying, then he will do that to the best of his ability.


Whether you’re living or dying, whether you’re a middle-aged blogger in Kentucky or an elderly deacon in Texas, whether you’re enjoying ice cream with your girlfriend or wrestling with your kids, whether you’re going to school or heading off to the factory, whether you’re working or playing or singing or laughing, do it to the best of your ability.

Do it because you can.

And do it well.

Life is too short to aim low.

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