Maybe I’m naive, but I really didn’t expect yesterday’s questions to get as theological as they got in yesterday’s Ask Jason Any Question extravaganza. I was prepared to answer a lot of questions about writing. Or breakdancing.

Where were the breakdancing questions?

But you guys are smart. You’re interested in theology and Christianity and faith and big questions, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ll be honest, though: yesterday felt like a coming-out for me in a lot of ways. I probably come across as a know-it-all in blogging form — and definitely in Pocket Guide form — but in real-life I’m pretty quiet and unassuming. I’m thoughtful, but I don’t walk around spouting out my opinions, especially about controversial theological subjects like hell and Scripture and all that stuff. But if I tell you I’ll answer any question, then by golly, I’d better answer every question. And what’s the point of promising to answer questions if I can’t then give honest answers to those questions?

So yesterday I was honest. Probably too honest about some stuff, at the risk of offending current readers or potential readers or someone who might have been thinking about bringing me in as a speaker but now is worried because my theology sounds too liberal. Or whatever. Some of my friends at home or at church may now be thinking “I had no idea he thought that about THAT.”

But this is who I am. I’ve been studying this stuff pretty hard for the last few years, and the decisions I’ve come to definitely are not the most comfortable ones. Flux is never as comfortable as stasis. The uncertainty I continue to face and the spiritual questions I continue to ask are not comfortable. But they’re honest. I don’t see the point in hiding things, not when I’m trying to be a follower of Someone who was committed to truth-telling, and who claimed to be Truth.

There’s no point to seeking the truth if you’re going to lie about where you’ve arrived.

So I’ll be open about my opinions and own up to my conclusions. Like Paul, I’ll boast about my weaknesses. I am pursuing a life of faith, but I have big questions.

And as a writer, I’ll write a book about those questions. And as a shameless marketer, I’ll tell you that O Me of Little Faith is available now for pre-order on Amazon, and at a really low price right now of $8.76. Get it now and it’ll ship when it releases on May 1.

If you liked yesterday, then you’ll like the book. It’s pretty much 224 pages of yesterday, only with a scrawny kid on the cover. And a whole chapter about turtles. Inexplicably.

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