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Look, it’s a snow day here in Amarillo, and I’m feeling lazy. So this is a re-post of an old book review, but there’s a reason behind it. 1. Jesus, Interrupted was one of my favorite books I read in […]

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of an interview with Tyler Merrick, the founder of Project 7, a for-profit company which donates half of what it makes to organizations working in seven distinct areas of need: Heal the Sick, Save the […]

I want to introduce you to a unique and relatively new company called Project 7, which sells consumer products (bottled water, gum, mints) — available nationwide in places like Caribou Coffee — and donates 50% of its profits to non-profit […]

The following is a random list of things that have played a role in who I am today. I’m listing them, without explanation, in no particular order. Some are good influences. Some are not. (You’ll have to guess which is […]

Yesterday I asked you to list your first job, your current job, and your dream job in which money was no object. Your answers were fascinating. Thank you to all of you who participated. A lot of you — I […]

Time for some bloggy interaction. It’s easy. Today I want you to answer the following three questions. That’s all. 1. What was your first job? 2. What is your job/career now? 3. If you could be doing anything else with […]

Michael Spencer (the Internet Monk) has been a web friend for several years. I’ve been inspired, comforted, and challenged by his blogging since running across his work — along with the Boars Head Tavern — back in 2004 or so. […]

This has been a rough year for almost all nonprofit organizations. When people encounter financial difficulty, charitable giving is one of the first places they cut back. I haven’t seen any hard numbers, but I know, from anecdotal evidence, that […]

You people are super creepy. I’ve done the scary story contest before, but last time around, the stories were not nearly as disturbing as yesterday’s entries. Maybe it’s the Fargo-esque quality of the deep snow. Maybe it’s the clautrophobic feel […]

The conversation since Monday has been excellent, I think. Thanks to those of you who contributed, both from the religious and non-religious sides. Thanks also for keeping it civil. But it’s been a heavy sort of conversation, all this existence-of-God […]