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I am thankful. I am thankful for my own good health and good friends, and for my wife’s good health and good friends, and for my kids’ continued good health and good friends. I am thankful for ground Sumatra coffee […]

On Wednesday I asked for feedback from guys for a magazine article I’m writing. The topic: What I Wish My Wife Knew about Fatherhood. There have been some really insightful things mentioned so far in the comments to that post. […]

Feedback time. I’m working on an article assignment for a Christian magazine. (I’m going to keep it nameless right now, because some of the content might end up being anonymous.) The working title of the article is “What I Wish […]

And here’s the cover art of my next book, from Zondervan. It releases officially in May 2010. Answers to unasked questions: 1. Yes, he has bandages on his nipples. 2. No, I don’t know why. But I assume Christian bookstores […]

In the top navigational bar, you’ll see a link to, a little t-shirt site I launched a couple years ago. It sells only four t-shirt designs, each of which I created and each of which are the logos of […]

Here’s Part 2 of my interview with romance writer Tess Mallory, who has written several time-travel romances and, over the past couple weeks, has become a frequent commenter on this blog. That’s Tess below, with her granddaughter. Read Part 1 […]

Last week’s unrelated posts on worship and forbidden words in Christian romances hit a wide audience and brought a lot of new traffic to this blog, and as a result I’ve been able to connect with some interesting new people. […]

Today is Veteran’s Day. The veterans in my family include my wife’s grandparents (Eddie & Sunny Storseth), both of whom served as officers in the Navy; my maternal grandfather, John E. Brown, who served in the military police for the […]

As you probably have realized upon visiting Google the last few days, today marks the 40th birthday of Sesame Street, a show I loved and feared during my early childhood (see more below). And loved during my late teens (I […]

It’s been an eventful week here at the blog, thanks to the naughty words and romance novels and worship discussion. Which is a weird combination of things, starting the week with pee-poop-panties and ending it with a more serious topic. […]