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If you’re a regular subscriber to the popular Relevant Podcast produced by my friends at Relevant Magazine, you know that it’s a rambling (and very funny) mishmash of pop culture news, religious musings, warnings about the coming Chimpocalypse, and other …Read More

This week’s posts have been fairly deep, theological, and long. So today I’m doing something short and mindless. So mindless, in fact, that I completely stole this idea from Bryan Allain’s blog. Because it’s a cool idea. Thanks, Bryan. Unless …Read More

Here’s the rest of my interview with Dromedary Hump, author of the Atheist Camel Chronicles and the guy behind Eternal Earthbound Pets, a very real business that promises to care for your dog or cat or fish or birds should …Read More

Last week I posted a snarky bit about Eternal Earthbound Pets, an atheist-owned business that promises (for a reasonable fee) to care for your pets should they be left behind if/when you are raptured. The whole thing struck me as …Read More

It’s pretty rare that I ever do a cut-and-paste job here from someone else’s blog post. Not sure why, other than the fact that I figure it’s my blog, and I should supply the content. But courtesy of @imonk from …Read More

As has been discussed before on this blog, it’s hard to make good Jesus art. It’s easy to make bad Jesus art. It’s also challenging to discuss the goodness or badness of Jesus art, because people get defensive and use …Read More

Having written a book about mankind’s obsession with the apocalypse (particularly the evangelical obsession with the rapture and second coming), you might think that I would not be surprised to learn of a weird rapture-related fringe business. Like when William …Read More

Sometimes, because I’m a nerd, I amuse myself by listening to song lyrics and replacing the actual words with other words. What I’ve discovered is that 1) this often makes songs more interesting, and 2) other people do this, too. …Read More

This weekend was a busy but fun one for me. I don’t normally include a lot of personal activities on here that aren’t related to my writing, but thought this would be a good opportunity to pull back the curtain …Read More

This has been a fun week at Jesus Needs New PR, the blog of my friend (and fellow writer) Matthew Paul Turner. A few years back, he wrote a book called What You Didn’t Learn from Your Parents About Sex …Read More