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You were probably thinking, What are Jason’s views on a variety of unrelated subjects? Good news: You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of my current recommendations, in no particular order. Things I Recommend Scott Orr’s new …Read More

I just finished up answering some questions for a publication that will be featuring one of my articles this fall. It’s one of those “contributor profile” kinds of things where they ask a whole bunch of questions and then pick …Read More

Thanks to all of you who entered yesterday’s Slate-inspired contest. Lots of great entries and, well, a few ruined childhood memories. Here are my the honorable mentions, which don’t win anything but which I liked anyway and wanted to acknowledge. …Read More

Admission: I am stealing this directly from Slate. But do I care? No. Do you care? Probably not. So here goes: The summer blockbuster film, opening this weekend, is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It is the sequel to the …Read More

Some days I enter into my local Christian bookstore/knick-knackery, and–looking over the vast shelves of Purpose-Driven products, Beth Moore Bible studies, Veggie Tales merchandise, Precious Moments figurines, dumb Christian parody t-shirts, inspirational artwork and home decor, and books about the …Read More

I’m pulling together a post for tomorrow that I think you’ll enjoy. In the meantime, here are three not-at-all-related things to catch you up on: 1. The Daily Beast: If you keep up with my Twitter feed, you would have …Read More

A couple of weeks ago, I asked: What if I picked a random chapter from one of my upcoming Pocket Guide books, and then listed random phrases from that chapter, completely out of context? That was fun. At least for …Read More

My brother Brooks is a full-time inner-city minister, but he also has a side gig: magic. As in illusions and prestidigitation and card tricks and all that fun stuff. The kids he works with really get into it, but he’s …Read More

It’s probably no surprise to you that I show ads on my blog. This is because I am a greedy, greedy money-changer who couldn’t live without the $4.35 I make each month from Google AdSense. It’s also because I’m part …Read More

Yesterday we had another fun five-sentence story contest. This one was a bit different from the last one. No scary stories this time, but romance. No weird “Jimmy” rules, either. Instead, I added requirements that entries use the name “Ruby” …Read More