I’m looking for some help with an article I’m writing for a new publication. The article is about the virtues of generosity, and I need two things:

1. Some quotes from youngish people (20s, 30s) who are trying to practice a lifestyle of generosity and giving. Why do you do it? What does it look like?

2. Some personal stories of generosity: How has it impacted you? Or how has your own generosity impacted others?

I know it feels arrogant and wrong to raise your hand and say, “Look how wonderful and generous I am! You should interview me!” But that’s exactly what I’m asking you to do. Please get past your bothersome humility hang-ups and let me know.

Send me an email to jb [at] jasonboyett.com and tell me your story. I might be interested in interviewing you for this article. You’re also welcome to leave a comment, but I figure most people will prefer to let me know less publicly.

Cool? Thanks for your help.

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