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November 2008 Archives

I’m thankful. I’m thankful for you guys, my old real-life friends and new digital friends who stop by here on a regular basis. Thank you for interacting and sharing opinions and contributing to the discussion. Thank you for buying my …Read More

I’ve advocated before, here and here, the wonderful lifesaving work that Buy Shoes, Save Lives has been doing in Iraq. When you buy shoes from them, your money is then used to fund heart surgeries for Iraqi kids whose parents …Read More

When we were expecting our daughter eight years ago and we started looking at options for decorating her nursery, I was struck by something I noticed at the local Christian bookstore. It had a little section devoted to religious nursery …Read More

Dear Christian consumers, Christmas light-decorating aficianados, and people from the American Family Association who come up with products that are completely tone-deaf when it comes to American culture: 1. Crosses are appropriate yard decorations for those wishing to express their …Read More

Of all the people who end up at this blog based on random Google searches, the query that draws the most traffic on a weekly basis is one for “little Evelyn Talbert.” is #1 at Google if you want …Read More

There are five things I want you to know about today. They are as follows: 1. I have succumbed to the siren call of Twitter. If you tweet, you can find me at I would come right out and …Read More

There’s a really interesting thread going over at Internet Monk about “the de-churching of America.” Lots of religious researchers are beginning to see evidence that my generation — people in their 20s and 30s — are dropping out of institutional …Read More

The fact that Steve Taylor and Don Miller have written a screenplay and are hoping to put together a film based on Don’s book Blue Like Jazz — perhaps you’ve heard of it — isn’t exactly big news. But they’ve …Read More

One of the things we enjoyed most on our cruise a few weeks ago were the late-night karaoke sessions. I semi-rocked a version of “Man of Constant Sorrows” (from the film O Brother, Where Art Thou) on the first night …Read More

Watch out, America. The stiff-necked, unbelieving buses of England are coming to the streets of our nation’s Capitol. Like its marketing-savvy counterparts in the British Humanist Association, the American Humanist Association debuted its own there-is-no-god ad campaign this week. Also …Read More