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October 2008 Archives

I have to confess something. As mentioned last week, my wife and I are currently out of the country on a vacation. Our kids are at home with their grandparents. And we made them promise three things to us while …Read More

I found this picture from my very first publicity photo session, back when Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse released in 2005. Your job is to write a caption for the photo. I’ll pick the best one, based on creativity and …Read More

Back in 2006, Becky Garrison interviewed me for The Wittenburg Door, about my new (back then) book Pocket Guide to the Bible. I loved The Door, and was thrilled to be in it. I answered Becky’s questions with all the …Read More

Just when you thought international relations couldn’t get any trickier…it turns out not even the humble chick pea is safe from escalating tensions. Lebanon announced a couple of weeks ago that it’s filing an international lawsuit against the nation of …Read More

Two nuggets of interestingness followed by a note about next week: 1. Stephen King. I’ve always been a bit of a controversialist, particularly when it comes to Christian culture and its connection to the horror genre. That’s why, several years …Read More

The British Humanist Association is raising money to launch a new ad campaign on London’s familiar red city buses, and it’s the first of its kind: an ad campaign for atheists. The campaign signage would read, in crisp, happy colors, …Read More

It’s time for another sneak preview of Pocket Guide to the Afterlife, which releases next year from Jossey-Bass (along with Pocket Guide to Sainthood and a repackaged Pocket Guide to the Bible). The following is one of the lists from …Read More

You can breathe a sigh of relief now, because God won’t be going to jail. A Nebraska state senator named Ernie Chambers filed a lawsuit last year against God, accusing him of inspiring fear, making terroristic threats against the senator …Read More

I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer lately, mainly because I just finished writing a chapter about prayer in my “doubt” manuscript for Zondervan. Mainly it’s about my problems with prayer — including: 1. How I don’t understand it very …Read More

So the big star of the debate Wednesday night was Joe Wurzelbacher, an undecided plumber whom John McCain mentioned more than 20 times at Hofstra. The national media has been buzzing about this guy since the debate ended. I actually …Read More