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For awhile, all anyone in Hollywood talked about was Joe Eszterhas. Depending on whom you talked to, he was either the most brilliant thing to happen to movies and screenwriting or he was responsible for much of the sleaze in …Read More

On October 7, publisher HarperOne is taking a bold new step in Bible publishing: The Green Bible. It’s an environmentally friendly Bible, in terms of its packaging — 10% post-consumer recycled paper, soy-based ink, cotton binding — but that’s not …Read More

One of the coolest things about writing for magazines is that you inevitably get to talk to interesting people. Of course, it’s mostly over the phone, but still… Once I spoke to this guy for a do-it-yourself home improvement article …Read More

I’d forgotten about making “Crappy Illustrations of Timely Headlines” a regular series on the blog, until I saw this headline and immediately my imagination went to the wrong place: North Korean Nuclear Plant Seals Removed ( Here’s the quick-and-dirty Photoshop …Read More

September 23 is the feast day for Padre Pio, one of the best-known saints of the 20th century. It’s one thing to hear fantastic stories about saints of old who slew dragons (St. George) and got kidnapped by pirates (St. …Read More

A friend of mine sent me a link to a hugely popular YouTube video of Theresa Andersson, who is musician from New Orleans who recorded all of her most recent album, Hummingbird, Go! in her kitchen. The video features a …Read More

There’s a fascinating and infuriating post at the Burnside Writers Blog about a husband-and-wife missionary team who are in the States trying to raise enough money to fund their next year of ministry in Bratislava, Slovakia, where they’ll work with …Read More

Miscellaneous Linkage: 1. I have a new article up at It highlights three major things I did this summer and what I learned from them. One of those things totally should have been “Do Not Swim Among Dead Fish” …Read More

Yesterday I immersed myself in the bizarre world of Christian parody t-shirts. You know the game: 1) take a well-known, mainstream, corporate logo… 2) tweak it by somehow changing the words so it’s about Jesus…and 3) sell it to well-meaning …Read More

This is why I love superstar singer/songwriter Andy Osenga‘s blog: [from the Sept. 8 entry:] So here’s a good story… Months and months ago I had a song-writing session with a guy. I really liked the guy, we had a …Read More