I have certain things on my mind. I am looking to you, dear readers, for answers.

1. A bunch of media reports indicate that Americans are driving fewer miles a month for the 8th straight month. High gas prices are apparently causing us to find other means of transportation, or simply to not go as many places. Question: Is this true for you? And if you’re driving less, why? Other forms of transportation or fewer late-night trips to Taco Bell?

2. Apparently, there will be thousands of hours of footage broadcast on NBC, its affiliate networks, and the Internet during these Olympic games. Question: How much of this coverage are you watching? Are you an Olympics junkie? A casual fan? Are you aware that, if Michael Phelps were a country, he’d be close to the top ten in the medal count?

3. Watch this video, which excites my brother to no end. Question: Do you think this creature is the fabled chupacabra?

Your comments on any or all of the above are welcome.

My answers:

1. Yes. I ride my bike as much as possible to and from work and/or on other short errands, but I’ve also opened a small business across town that requires me to drive more. So I try to drive less, but I’m afraid I’m actually driving more these days than I used to.

2. I’m a casual fan. I might watch some with the kids to give them a taste of Olympic sports like swimming or gymnastics, and maybe a little late at night after the niños go to bed. But that’s pretty much it. There’s just too much to keep up with.

3. I don’t know what that thing is. But it’s weird. If only we had footage that clear of Bigfoot.

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