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If you’re new to this blog, have you told us about yourself yet? If not, click the Who Are You? link that’s always available in the left sidebar. It’s there so you can: 1) tell us who you are, and… …Read More

Just to follow-up on last week’s post, here’s the video and transcript of Don Miller’s prayer at the Democratic National Convention. When Cameron Strang graciously backed out from giving the prayer, Don stepped in. Because, in his words, “Somebody calls …Read More

Friend-of-the-Pocket-Guides Bryan Allain tagged me with a lunch-related edition of “How I Roll.” Obviously you readers have always been wondering what I do for lunch, so at Bryan’s behest, I’m gonna tell you. He submitted the questions. If there’s one …Read More

If you didn’t know, RELEVANT founder Cameron Strang got invited to give the opening invocation from the main stage at the Democratic National Convention. Yep, the national TV broadcast. The DNC is looking to reach out to faith-minded young voters, …Read More

My ancient Google alert for Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse (which released in 2005) has lain dormant for months and months, but it pinged this morning with a brand-new book review from none other than Trevin Wax. Trevin is a …Read More

You know how, back in the day, everyone used to get upset when Christian pop stars like Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith “crossed over” to mainstream radio in order to build their fan base? Katy Perry made the jump, …Read More

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you probably know that my last book, Pocket Guide to the Bible — published in 2006 by Relevant — is being repackaged and republished as part of Jossey-Bass’s new Pocket Guide reference …Read More

I have certain things on my mind. I am looking to you, dear readers, for answers. 1. A bunch of media reports indicate that Americans are driving fewer miles a month for the 8th straight month. High gas prices are …Read More

I was genuinely surprised yesterday to hear, courtesy of my friend Bryan, that my dorky little side business,, had been mentioned by the ridiculously awesome pop-culture blogger Whitney Matheson at USA Today (“Real Shirts, Fake Bands“). Thanks, Whitney, for …Read More

I’ll admit to being the slightest bit obsessive-compulsive when it comes to a few (just a few) things in life. One of them is the arrangement of books. Book lovers — and most writers — tend to have extensive collections …Read More