O Me of Little Faith

I know. I said there’d be no more blog posts this week, but I had to toss this one in just for fun. I took my little digital camera with me on the backpacking trip, and had the inspired idea to record a few quick video segments with it.

This is one of them. It’s late last Friday afternoon, at the end of six hours of uphill hiking, the last two of which have been in the rain. I am wearing an army green poncho. My backpack has a trash bag over it to keep my stuff dry. I am in short sleeves because, up to this point, it has apparently been too much trouble to stop walking, remove the waterproof bag, dig into my backpack, locate a long-sleeve shirt amid all the other stuff, and then pack up again.

Also? It’s 43 degrees outside, according to our thermometer.

Did I mention I was soaking wet, too?

This is one of those videos my wife sees and asks, “Um, tell me again: Why do you like backpacking so much?”

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