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If you’ve happened here thanks to a link from Scot McKnight, welcome. Read this post to learn why I’m selling 9,053 signed copies of Pocket Guide to the Bible. And while you’re here, why not introduce yourself? Thanks for stopping …Read More

The polls are closed. The winner will be announced Monday. Thanks for voting.

Don’t forget to vote below for the winner of the Fake Band Name contest. “Rawboned Donkey and the Saddlebags” is currently in the lead, so if you think that’s a completely lame name, then you’d better do something about it. …Read More

Posted below are the finalists for the biblical fake band names contest. It was hard to pick a top 5, so I went with a top 6. Because I make the rules. Thanks to all of you who submitted names. …Read More

Today is the final day to submit your entry for the Fake Band Shirts contest. We’ve had some pretty good ones so far. Remember, I’m picking my five favorite ones and then we’ll vote on a winner, who’ll receive a …Read More

Back on Tuesday. Have a great Memorial Day.

Here’s a question I get from time to time: What’s the deal with your “fake band shirts” thing? I’ll tell you what the deal is: The deal is that fake band shirts are awesome, and everyone needs an awesome shirt. …Read More

Some of you may know I’m currently working on another Pocket Guide book. This one’s called (tentatively) Pocket Guide to the Afterlife. It’s about what various cultures and religions have thought/taught/believed about what happens after you die. Obviously there’s a …Read More

It’s time for another morsel from my upcoming Pocket Guide to Sainthood (Jossey-Bass, 2009). There were (and are) a whole lot of different religious orders, all of which have produced their share of interesting saints. These include Benedictines, Franciscans, Cistercians, …Read More

The great bishop, saint, and trinitarian apologist Gregory of Nyssa once described his brother, St. Basil, as having a “two-handed faith.” Basil’s faith, Gregory said, was ambidextrous, because he could accept pleasures with one hand and suffering with the other …Read More