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Other people are into NASCAR, or “American Idol,” or improving their golf game. But me? I’m fascinated with something that makes me a really big nerd: writers’ schedules. For years and years I’ve read interviews with various writers and paid …Read More

If you haven’t read the full “denominations” article yet, it’s now posted in its entirety at Go read it. Comment if you’d like. Interact here or there. “6 Denominations in 6 Weeks”

Here’s another dose of advance content from Pocket Guide to Sainthood (Jossey-Bass, 2009). There were lots of really interesting ways to be super spiritual back in the medieval days, from sitting on a pole your whole life (St. Simeon Stylites …Read More

I was never a big comic books guy, but I watched a lot of “SuperFriends” as a kid and always thought Green Lantern was the coolest superhero. Not sure why. Maybe because Superman and Batman always were hogging the spotlight? …Read More

Welcome to Due to recent linkage from Church Marketing Sucks and a few other places, we’ve had quite a few new readers stop by over the last few days. Thanks to Feedburner, I know how many people visit this …Read More

Today is Earth Day. It’s been around, in an official capacity, since the late 60s. The earliest I can recall hearing about it is during my freshman year in high school, which was 1988. We talked it up a lot …Read More

What does your Jesus look like? I’ve been interested in portrayals of Jesus since I was assigned a 2005 article for Relevant about how everyone, from hippies to capitalist republicans to urban hipsters, seems to want to claim Jesus for …Read More

Experiment time. I want to let you in on a fun little opportunity that involves small acts of kindness, teensy sacrifices, and the potentially big power of viral web-based fun. Some friends of an online friend of mine in Delaware …Read More

More Sainthood freebies! Here’s an appetizer from the next book in my religious-history-is-fun Pocket Guide series. It’s called Pocket Guide to Sainthood (Jossey-Bass, 2009). This is a selection from the last chapter, which is a grab-bag of listy goodness: ———– …Read More

Back in 2005, my book Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse listed six possible ways the world might come to end via natural disaster. At the top of the list? Killer asteroid impact, which may or may not involve Bruce Willis …Read More