I love photography, and I also love things that are cool, so when you can combine “coolness” and “photography” into a single site, I am generally interested in it.

Which means this site caught my attention:

The World Time Clock
. Here’s a website that’s pretty much just a collection of photos…but each photo is of a clock showing a specific time. The guys who run it (Shawn Liu & Danny Wen of Iridesco) are trying to collect enough photos of clocks from all over the world to be able to fill every minute of every day with a new clock photo. (Total: 720 minutes — there’s no am/pm distinction.)

Why? Because “these pictures of unfamiliar clocks take us to a different place and remind us of the vastness of the world.” Good enough for me. You can submit your own photo via email (here are the instructions) or through the World Clock Project Flickr group.

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