Upcoming Appearances:

May 4
, 2010 • Apostles Church NYC
7:30 p.m.
Pig N’ Whistle Irish Pub (Times Square)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 • Marble Collegiate
(5th Ave & 29th St.)
6:15 p.m. Worship
7:30 p.m. Conversation


Most writers end up
doing a little of speaking on the side. Not literally, of course, as that can be uncomfortable for both the speaker and the audience. Anyway, this means I am available to speak to civic groups, churches, college students, youth groups, young adult/singles ministries, businesses, or organizations of any size.

Right now (2010), most of the speaking I’ll be doing is related to living with spiritual doubt, the subject of my newest book O Me of Little Faith (releasing in May 2010 from Zondervan). If you’d like me to speak to your group, please email me or get in touch with Kortland at GroundWorks Management.

But I can talk about other stuff, too. As a result of the weird breadth of my book-writing, I’m fairly well-versed on a variety of subjects. Need someone to talk about the history of the end of the world or the 2012 Mayan doomsday prediction? Hit me up. Looking for a speaker to discuss the finer points of copywriting, marketing and self-publicity? I can do that, too. Other topics include social justice, contemporary spirituality, the Bible, the Afterlife, or Sainthood.

Email me.

Speaking Samples:

  • “Karma, Grace, and the Workers in the Vinyard,” given at EXP in Amarillo, Texas (Right-click to download MP3)
  • “Doubt,” given at an FBC Woodway college event near Waco, Texas (Right-click to download MP3)
  • Jason has also been featured, oddly enough, on the National Geographic Channel (as an end-times expert in the documentary “Doomsday: The Book of Revelation”) and the History Channel (“Decoding the Past: Mysteries of the Garden of Eden”). It looked a little like this:

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