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I don’t ever make New Year’s resolutions, mostly for the same reason I don’t make cookies: because I doubt I’ll be satisfied with them. It’s good to set goals, of course, and occasionally I’ll accomplish them (that’s how I got …Read More

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season — and, really, any holiday season — is the Ping-Pong-playing that commences when my maternal grandparents come to visit. I’m blessed to still have my original four grandparents around, all in …Read More

Just in time for Christmas Eve…I’m a few weeks late to the story, but it seems a 37-year-old artist and his friends practiced some civil disobedience by moving into a mall in Providence, Rhode Island, and actually living there for …Read More

I have a new article up at, the online mag for college students. It’s called “My Favorite Christmas Story,” about how the parable of the prodigal son is the story I think of most during the season of Advent. …Read More

Spent some quality time the other day watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” I remembered why it has always been my favorite televised Christmas special. 1. The Hand-Waving: The climax of the episode has to do with Charlie Brown’s little stick …Read More

Upcoming Appearances:May 4, 2010 • Apostles Church NYC7:30 p.m.Pig N’ Whistle Irish Pub (Times Square) Wednesday, May 5, 2010 • Marble Collegiate(5th Ave & 29th St.)6:15 p.m. Worship7:30 p.m. Conversation ————–Most writers end up doing a little of speaking on …Read More

Like any freelance writer with a background in advertising and copywriting, there’s a bunch of stuff out there that I’ve either written or contributed to. Some of it has my name on it, like bylined articles for magazines, including The …Read More