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If you’re looking for a new way to pray, something more than praying for meals and traveling mercies, try spelling out the word PURPOSE when you pray. This will help you remember to pray for more meaningful things when you lift up your friends and family members.

P – God’s Presence. Pray that God would manifest His presence in real and tangible ways in this person’s life, that they would try sense and be overwhelmed by God’s presence.

U – Understanding. Pray that God would grant them understanding to truly comprehend how wide and deep is the love of Christ. Pray that they wouldn’t just know what the Bible says, but they’d understanding the deeper meaning behind why God wants us to live the way we do.

R – Relationships. Pray for the major relationships in this person’s life, that they would be filled with peace and love and unity. If your relationships are happy, you tend to be happy, so pray for relationships.

P – Power. Pray that the power of the Holy Spirit would rest on this person in a real and mighty way. Pray for the anointing, the filling and the movement of the Holy Spirit in this person’s life.

O – Overcome. Pray that God would give them strength (through the Holy Spirit) to overcome whatever difficult circumstances they are currently walking through.

S – Stewardship. Pray that they would be a good steward of the life, health, knowledge, energy and opportunities God has given them. Pray that they would make the most and make a difference every single day.

E – Evangelism. Pray that they would have opportunities this day to share the hope they have in Jesus with other people.

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