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The following is a devotion from my message series 10 Steps to Freedom. I hope these devotionals help you experience lasting freedom in Jesus!

STEP TWO: day 4

Surrender and unleash the Spirit’s power within you

What does it look like on a practical level to surrender to God? Not just when you give your life to Jesus (salvation), but what does it look like to surrender to God on a daily basis? Here are three ways you can cultivate a continual posture of surrender in your life:

  1. Get on your knees before you leave the house. Our physical posture can help shape our mental, emotional and spiritual posture. So if you’re physically able, get on your knees, get as low as you can. Put your face in the carpet before you leave the house. That outward position of humility is a physical sign of the inward posture of humility that you will walk in every day.
  2. Talk with God often. If your only interaction with God is Sundays at church or even meals and bedtime at home, you’ll begin to live like you can do life on your own. Talking with God often throughout the day creates a continual sense of dependency on God that is essential for surrender.
  3. Become a person of thankfulness. When you thank someone for how they have helped you, blessed you, invested in you or for any other reason, it’s a tacit admission that you can’t do life on your own. When you weave thankfulness into your everyday life, especially your relationship with God, it’s a quiet form of surrender as you acknowledge that you wouldn’t be where you are without others. Thankfulness is an outward expression of inner surrender.



1. Of the three steps listed to help cultivate a posture of surrender, which one has been the easiest for you? Which one do you think will be the hardest?

2. Who are two or three people you can intentionally call or send a note to today to thank them for the impact they have had in your life?

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