The Word of God is vital to you, like a loaf of bread to a starving person, because words shape your reality. For proof, go back and read Genesis 1. How did God create the universe? With words. “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Even today, words continue to shape reality. One of the social experiments I’m doing with my daughter who’s two now is every day when I get home from work and she runs up to me and gives me a big hug, I hold her and say these words “Let’s go look at something pretty.” I did this from when she was an infant and couldn’t even walk. Now when I say it she knows exactly what to look for: a mirror. Every day I tell her “let’s go look at something pretty” and then she goes and looks at her reflection.

Why am I doing that? Because I want her to know from her earliest memories that she is incredibly beautiful, just the way God made her. Now, if you think this is a bit cheesy, how many of you ladies would have liked to have a father tell you that you were beautiful every day of your childhood? Would that have made a difference in the way that you viewed yourself growing up? Words shape reality. Or what if I flipped the experiment and told my daughter every single day that she was ugly and hideous? Would that negatively impact her? Absolutely. Why? Because words shape reality.

So, everyday, you get to choose which words shape your reality. Will it be the lies the enemy tells you? Will it be the negative and depressing things you see on tv? How about the photoshopped and unrealistic expectations you see in the media? Or maybe the lies you tell yourself, that you’re not good enough or smart enough or loveable enough to be anyone important in this world.

When you choose to consume the Word, you are beginning to change your life because you are allowing the words of God to shape your reality. You are choosing to listen to a loving, Heavenly Father constantly tell you that you are beautiful, that you’re worthwhile, that you’re important, that you’re loved. I promise you, consuming those words on a regular basis over a sustained period of time will change your life.

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