God is magical, and He occasionally allows us to witness His magic. One such video of a rare rainbow pileus (or ‘scarf’) cloud captured in China’s Haikou City is going viral on social media. Several users on Twitter have shared it. The video shows a mesmerizing view of rainbow colored scarf cloud over the city.

The video was shot on August 21, according to Mashable, and shows various cloud colors that together form a rainbow-colored canopy, giving the sky a charming appearance.

According to World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), a pileus cloud is an accessory cloud of a small horizontal extent, in the form of a cap or hood above the top or attached to the upper part of a cumuliform cloud that often penetrates it.

scarf cloud

Several pilei may fairly often be observed in superposition, it added. Though mesmerizing, these clouds do not have a very long life, with the central cloud underneath eventually rising via the convection process to absorb the rainbow cloud above.

Recently, authorities in China were trying to generate rain during a severe drought caused by a sweltering heatwave. The country was reportedly intending to utilize cloud-seeding technology to induce rain to alleviate the drought conditions afflicting several regions, including the Yangtze River basin.

The process of cloud-seeding involves sending aircraft into the clouds and releasing silver iodide, which induces rain to fall on the ground. Scientists also believe that geoengineering like this might be used in the future to prevent the impacts of climate change on the planet. Praise God for His majesty and power.

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